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Rita Roberts

International Business Consultant | Angola Business 4 U


Rita Roberts is a visionary entrepreneur, a knowledgeable consultant and an independent business facilitator.

She puts all of these qualities to good use as the principal of Angola Business 4 U, a consulting firm that provides a wide variety of services designed to strengthen the connection between Angola and Europe and to leverage these connections for business advantage.

Angola Business 4 U draws on Ms. Roberts' detailed knowledge of the Angolan marketplace, which allows her to offer services that range from advisory consulting to translation to logistics and accommodation.

Throughout her career, Ms. Roberts has demonstrated dedication and a strong work ethic, two qualities that have been instrumental to her present success. She also possesses a genuine passion for helping people, which has been a major asset to her business.

Ms. Roberts holds a degree in human resources and management from London Metropolitan University. She is affiliated with a number of professional and civic organizations and is a board member of the Praxis Project, which operates a center in East London that provides advice and support to migrants and refugees from all over the world.

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